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dressmaking service

How we work

1. Understanding your needs

Give us a call or have a chat with us on Facebook or WhatsApp messages to tell us what you need. We can give you an indicative quote so you get an idea how much it is going to cost. You can also book an appointment for a no-obligation discussion at our workshop.

2. Design and Quote

When you come in for your appointment, we can talk about design and quote. We will go through your requirements in more detail, choose the design and style that suits you, and look for the right fabrics. We can give you a quote for the costings.

We recommend that you bring your own fabrics. We can advise where you can find the right fabrics to make your next outfit shine!

3. Measure and create

Once you are happy to go ahead, we will take your measurements and start creating your outfits! It is very important that you bring the correct underwear and shoes with you when we take your measurements. We usually ask our clients to put a 50% deposit up front, and settle the outstanding amount on pick-up.

Most regular outfits will take two to four weeks to make, and it may take longer during busy seasons. For bridals or more complex outfits it can take up to three to six months from initial consult to finish.


We will notify you to come for a fitting session when we are ready. It is again very important to bring the correct underwear and shoes with you for the fitting session.

Most regular outfits require at least one fitting session usually takes about 30 minutes. For regular outfits, we can put the final touches on during the session, and if it all goes well you can pick up straight away! For bridals or more complex outfits, they may take a few more sessions, about two weeks apart, for refinements.